Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2011 Upper Wind Fest Race Results

Thanks again to Next Adventure for supplying the BBQ and 1st place prizes for all racing divisions. Appreciation also goes out to Sierra Nevada for supplying the libations and Keen and Immersion Research for the additional prizes and schwag. Thanks also to Bullet for demoing and letting us use a couple extra boats for the weekend.

Oregon Rafting Team would like to thank all those who were in attendance, whether competing, running safety, or simply spectating. You all are what makes these events fun to put on and organize.

Photos from the festival can be seen here
Videos and more photos can also be seen on our Facebook page

Men's Long: Drew Eastman

Women's Long: Susan Hollingsworth

Men's Short: Greg Mallory

Women's Short: Kim Russell (no pic)

Mens R2: Ben and Willy Dinsdale*

Womens R2: No entrants

Mens R6: Northwest Rafting Company*

Womens R6: No entrants

*ORT won in both the R2 and R6 race and since ORT is the event organizer, 1st place was given to the next best non-ort team

Long Kayak
1: Drew Eastman 22:51
2: Susan Hollingsworth 24:51
3: Christie Glissmeyer 25:02
4: Nate Bell DNF
5: Ryan Young DNF

Short Kayak (Mens)
1: Greg Mallory 22:40
2: Ryan Young 23:41
Short Kayak (Womens)
1: Kim Russell 23:41

R2 (Mens)
1: ORT - Tim Brink/ Bruce Reed 25:09
2: Ben and Willy Dinsdale 26:01
3: Zach Collier/ Aaron Howard 26:54
4: ORT - Trey Knollman/ Adam Mack 27:01
5: Tim Thornton/ Trevor Jostad 27:32
6: Bigfoot - Matt Hogge/ Orion Meredith 28:05
7: ORT - Jamie Crone/ Karl Linzmeyer 28:52
8: Stunt Man Duo - Dan McCain/ John Watkins 29:10
9: David Kinker/ Aaron Chatman DNF

R6 (Mens)
1: ORT - Red 22:37
2: Northwest Rafting Company 35:35
3: ORT - Grey 36:06

*ORT won in both the R2 and R6 race and since ORT is the event organizer, 1st place was given to the next best non-ort team

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Registration Reminder

Reminder, this weekend is the Upper Wind Festival:

Registration times are:
Saturday: 1-2 pm (Morning practice run at 10 am)
Sunday: 930 - 1030 am

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

BBQ and Camping

Camping and lodging for the race weekend is on your own... The cabin at the put-in and the adjacent field that is normally used is not available this year for use. The BBQ and libations will be at the top of the take-out road, shuttle will be provided back to the put-in immediately following the race.

For the BBQ provided by Next Adventure, we have talked with the local land owner (the mechanics shop at the top of the take-out road) and we will be doing the BBQ at the top of the take out road, just on the downhill side of the gate. Parking will be on one side of the take out road and continuing down towards the take-out.

The nearest campgrounds are Panther Creek, which is between the put-in and the take-out, or Beaver Campground, approximately 5 miles north of the put-in. Both these campsites are National Forest campgrounds and are free to camp at, however, there was about 6 inches of snow on the ground this past weekend. The gates are closed but I contacted the Forest Service and it is legal to camp at these sites as long as the gates aren't blocked. In Stevenson, the Roadside Inn is the cheapest as far as rates go. A shuttle after the BBQ and drinking can be provided as far as Stevenson.

Contact with any questions.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This years festival poster!

Invite you friends! This weekend is going be packed with fun.

Beer, BBQ after the races, and shuttle provided!

R2 Race and long kayak race on Saturday.
R6, short kayak and cataraft races on Sunday.

Prizes to all first place finishers in all divisions!

Men's Kayak Short (less than 8'6")
Men's Kayak Short (greater than 8'6")
Women's Kayak Short (less than 8'6")
Women's Kayak Short (greater than 8'6")
Men's R2
Men's R6
Women's R2
Women's R6

*All co-ed teams will be placed in the Men's category

2011 Upper Wind Festival Details

The Upper Wind Festival is almost here! Open to Kayaks (short/long), catarafts, IK's, and R2/R6 rafts. Cost is $30 for the weekend (includes ACA insurance, shuttles, and Next Adventure BBQ). Come out for the 2-day festival this year on March 19-20. See who's going on via the facebook event. The gauge for the festival can be found here.

If you are interested in the R2/R6 raft events but don't have access to a boat, Bullet is graciously providing demo boats for the Festival.

Here are the specifics for this year's event:

Saturday March 19th

9:30am Meet at the put-in near the bridge over the Wind at Stabler, Washington to prep for the morning practice run.
10:30am Shove off for 1st practice run.
12:30pm Arrive at the High Bridge take out. Quick load and shuttle back up to the cabin for lunch and prep for the afternoon race.
1:00pm Race Registration Begins
2:30pm Raft R2 Kayak Long Boat RACE (Mass Start, 8.5 ft or more)
4:15pm Shuttle back up for to the cabin, bring a lawn chair or tarp if its raining.
5pm @ the top of the takeout road: BBQ (provided by Next Adventure), beer for registered participants, music, silent auction...

SUNDAY March 20th

9:30am Registration begins.
10:45am Registration ends.10:45am Boaters meeting.
11:15am Floaters depart to set up safety, take pictures, shoot footy. We will coordinate where these folks will be stationed at the boaters meeting.
12 (HIGH NOON) : Mass start kayak, (8.5 ft or less)

12:05pm Mass start R6 raft

12:10pm Mass start catarafts

12:15pm Mass start whatever is left.
12:45pm Cataraft Rodeo following the end of the race.
1:45pm Arrive at High Bridge take-out for quick load and shuttle back up to the campground for race results and awards.
3pm Awards and chillin at the campground

Finish Line is now set up... it is located approximately 1 mi downstream of Climax. NRS banners are hung up on each side of the river to designate where each race category will end.

All registration and Post-race activities will take place at the race start.
Put-in directions (put-in GPS:45o48.514'N, 121o54.556'W): Once in Carson, WA Turn north on Wind River Rd/ Hwy. Then take a left on Hemlock Road about 7.3 miles from downtown Carson. Either park at the bridge over the Wind River or turn right at the next road and follow to an open spot along the road. Please be mindful of others, the locals, and be mindful of parking too close to the river as people will need to back down to unload boats.

Here you will find a listing of accommodations that can be found near by the event for those competing from out of town.

Beaver Campground - maps
Timberlake Campground and RV - maps
Little Soda Springs Campground - maps
Panther Creek Campground - maps

Sand Hill Cottages, Carson, WA
Carson Ridge Cabins, Carson, WA -
Rodeway Inn, Stevenson, WA
Columbia Gorge Motel, Bridge of the Gods, OR

If you have additional questions, please email Hope to see everyone out there, even if you plan not to race!