Monday, March 22, 2010

3rd Annual Upper Wind Fest Race Results

This years Rain Gods gave us less than complimentary river levels but that didn't stop competitive boaters from all around the northwest from showing up and stomping some of the areas best whitewater. Thanks to all participants who showed up and showed their loyalty to the regional boating community and a special big up to Next Adventure for their continued generous support of BBQ and t-shirts at this years event. Thanks also to Zach Collier and NWRC for helping out with evening festivities.

All race heats were close and competitive this year. Below are pics and results.


Long Boat Kayak (over 8'6"):

1st Place - Drew Eastman
2nd Place: Ryan Young

Raft (R2):
Mens 1st Place: Oregon Rafting Team

Mens 2nd Place: Dan McCain & Jacob Cruiser

Womens 1st Place: Lehua Kay & Teresa Collins


Short Boat Kayak (under 8'6"):

Mens 1st Place - Trevor Sheehan
Mens 2nd Place - Lance Reif
Womens 1st Place - Kim Russell
Womens 2nd Place - Christie Glissmeyer
Raft (R4):
1st Place - Tyler McPherson, Trey Knollman, Evan du Pont, Bruce Reed
2nd Place - Tim Brink, Daniel Sutherland, Jeff Locke, Karl Linzmeyer
3rd Place: Nick Pierce, Hooper Boone, Russel Neyburg, Megan French
Cataraft Race:

1. Zach Collier
2. Val Shaull
Cataraft Rodeo:
1. Val Shaull
2. Zach Collier


  1. Hey Tim,

    It's Kim Russell... Looks like you put a photo of Roberta Grant up where you were meaning to put one of me. Just a heads up... I'm in the yellow boat with the white helmet. Red pfd, yellow drytop. I'm in the boat that goes backwards through Ram's Horn. Could you change the pic?

    Also, I believe Lance Reif got 2nd, not Laurence...


  2. Bitter about laurence's 3rd place showing. Part of my own self esteem is tied to his performance in extreme races. How could he do this to me?

    His evil twin

  3. Sorry Kim, I lost my Sunday's final times sheet and was going off of photos and registration forms. I will surely change the pic!

    Tyler McPherson